The Importance of Communication Skills in Business

With the help of effective Communication Skills in Business, owners can change the market entirely. They are able to design good message that brings their expected results. However, it is very complex affair to give a scientific definition of communication due to its scope and levels. However, many writer defined communication according to their own knowledge and experience. To know the subject, it is necessary to have certain definition in our mind about it. The Oxford Dictionary definition of communication is “To make something known to others”

Definitions of Communication

  • “The process by which messages evoke a response”
  • “Communication is a mutual exchange of facts, thoughts, opinions or emotions”

Generally communication involves at least to persons or parties to complete its process by exchanging the messages, written or oral, verbal or non-verbal. Communication takes place when the message is received by the other person. It is not received, there will be response and therefore no communication “For effective communication a message must evoke the desired response.

Benefits and Importance of Communication Skills in Business

Former chairman of General Motors Mr. T.A Murphy says:

“The one common denominator in business and management is people and relationships with people. Message designed principles of Effective communication can make the difference between success and failure, or at least it can determine the degree of success.”

Communication is equally significant to organization and to individual. Regardless the type of organization in which you work now and will work in future, It highlights benefits of effective communication skills in an organization. Communication extends across all areas of business including management, marketing, Finance and social positions. The modern style of business has enchanted is significance as an auricle skill for the individual and organization alike.

Advantages of Effective Communication Skills in Business

  1. A prominent feature of a good personality
  2. Essentials Pre-requisite for good job and promotion
  3. Significance of communication and new global market

Importance of Communication in Business

Communication is Most Demand Job Skill for Future

Professional skills are the basis of successful business life and communication skills stand unique among them. Canopy of communication prevails over all the business and social activity.

The art of speaking well and writing well is definitely the essential of leadership and management skills.

Communicating as various surveys about the important professional skills remained at top of them. It effects the decision-making in an organization that are crucial to achieve certain goals. The judgments, decision and efforts put forth by employs determined to a large extent the profitability of a business and communication skill bring them to scene to get them implemented moreover,  its utility in the cultural context is equally significant for an individual and organization. Briefly speaking communication gives language and style to the people and organization and enable them to meet their goods and continue to exist.

Communication is Life Blood of Every Organization

It is truly said that communication is the blood that’s running in the veins of every organization. If we work upon the structure and mechanism of business organizations then we feel that business activity is impossible with and communication, because every organization consist of a group of people who interact and react throw medium of communication. Business manager daily exchanges information, ideas, plans, make decisions and agreements, which is impossible without communication.

Hence, no business can succeed, build up good will and win customers without effective communication, few companies also train their employees for 7 C’s of Communication because it is required for both internal and external affairs to run a business firm. Internal communication helps to increase jobs satisfaction, safety, productivity and profits and decreases absenteeism grievances and turnover. It consist of downward upward and horizontal communication with their respective rules for successful operation of business ventures.

External communication is mainly concerned with the messages to persons outside the company. It has a far setting effect on its reputation and ultimate success. They write letter, proposal, report, telephone call or personal conversation to win customer, create a desire for firm’s product or service. Advertising is the most strutted type of external Communication, we may soon realize that advertising mediums are the bridges throw which an organization accomplishes its goals.

Time is money is the slogan of modern hectic life. We spend most of our time in communication in an office writing, speaking and listening. Time factor in overall communication costs. Poor Communication can cost an organization time and money therefore now strong multi-national companies train their employees business communications skills training to communicate effectively in business life. Efficient and effective communication skills in workplace save the time and money fan organization increasing its productivity and profit.

On the other hand, unclear, incomplete in accurate and unduly long or late messages will cost a company heavily compiled with the loss of public image. So in effective messages that confuse the customers are more expensive them effective ones because they destroy a company credibility moreover, poor messages often required several additional explanatory messages which will further add in the communication cost. In the view of above discussion we can say that efficient communication enhances the profit and productivity of the business organization.

Communication Skill is Prominent Feature of Good Personality

Effective communication place the key role in personality development in any field of life and remains significant in professional life. There are also other aspects in of a personality like stature, Social, entrepreneurial skills but communication skills gives the exposure to his capabilities utilize them in professional affairs. The person who can speak well and write well has definitely edge over others no matter what social or professional positions he or she has. Communication determines the worth of personality and tells what really lies there in an individual.

Nobody can judge caliber of a person if one remains silent or a there is no exchange of ideas or importance between them because the way of speaking, the words used, and style exposes the real person. “It one has strong shell of communication, he will be the most effective person in social, practical in business life. The people who speak without hesitation and write fluently generally lead the organizations only because of their communication skills”

Essentials Pre-requisite for Good Job and Promotion

Business leaders frequently mourn the lack of communication of skills among many university graduates. The ability to communicate stands high among other attributes that employers seek in all potential employees. In a recent survey, the employers declared communication skills as the skills they most preferred in job applicants, while leadership skill came in seconds. If one can effectively communicate one’s knowledge, ideas and proposals to others to need or should receive them, he or she will be most probably considered the ideal one for any job position offered.

Now-a-days when we look at the newspapers page of job-advertisement, we generally find that communication is a primary requisite in many carriers, such as customer relation, labor relation, marketing, management, sales and teaching. Communication is the most sensitive aspect of any business venture which makes or mars the prospectus of success. Companies and individual daily pay the price of problems caused by lack of communication skills.

For examples, the receptionist who did not listen carefully the inquiry for business, she lost a chance to grow the business and company had to suffer for their miscommunication. Therefore, now employers reads ranks effective communication high among others professional skills. Moreover, communication skills effect the promotions during a job.

Significance of Communication and New Global Market

As the horizons of Business life are expanding and world is shrinking in a global village, the importance of business communication is increasing in this phenomena. W.T.O. Is connecting the business world-wide. Now the business professional must be aware of cultural diversity, if they wish to become competent in the mold of global market. The facility of market and e-mail has made job of communication easier but responsibilities and challenges have multiplied. Now understanding the changed global scenario and different nations with typical attitude and culture has become essential for successful communication.

Many multi-national companies fail to launch their business venture in foreign countries only because they do not care to realize the need to learn about the target countries people language, psychology in business and style of life. Moreover, the knowledge of information technology and its usage in the field of communication essentials to communicate globally. “New global market place requires more comprehensive and competent communication strategy. If we have grasp over the communication with different nation international trade, would be definitely a great advantage.

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