The Primary 4 Functions of Management – Planning, Organizing

Management sciences have proven its importance in every part of life no matter who you are, a worker at some organization or owner of the organization you must have a good knowledge about management in order to be successful. Because whoever you are managing is always a part of your job. It is also one of the main Characteristic of Entrepreneurs.

Management is known as a process involving the responsibility of economical and effective planning and regulation of the operation of an enterprise to achieve its long term and short term goals using various strategies…

This process of management contains various activities and elements, these activities are common to each and every manager irrespective of the status and level.

Management Definitions By Different Experts

There are four functions of management i.e. planning, organizing, actuating and controlling.

George and Jerry

To manage is to forecast and plan, to organize, to command and to control.

Henry Fayol

Its POSDCORB” where P stands for planning, O for organizing, S for staffing, D for directing, Co for Co-ordination, R for reporting and B for budgeting.

Luther Gallic

Management is an activity to reach certain goals by efforts of Other’s

R Terry

Management is a process that requires the direction and guidance of a group of people to acquire organizational goals

Ricky W Griffin

Management is any task involving achieving goals with the help of four functions PLANNING, ORGANISING, LEADING & CONTROLLING

Widely Used

4 Functions of Management

4 functions of management

1st Function of Management – Planning

If you are up to any task to accomplish your aims; building a plan is the first basic step. Without any plan, you are going nowhere. Excellent planning skills are the first ultimate need for being a good manager.

Now if you are a manage an organization first thing that you are going to do is building a plan, for that, you should have the skills for eg which is your good employee at doing which specific task.

How and what amount of supplementary, staff and money are you going to use to attain your goals. Looking at your needs and availabilities you make a plan and then run this organization as per your plan.


Alice the manager of a Mexican restaurant is working on how to make her restaurant successful she will hire the exact amount of staff that will be needed according to the area where she knows how much customers the restaurant will have and how much of supplementary will be needed so that no money & food goes to waste.

She goes to use different advertising media. Alice plans an event to provide food in cheap prices so that customers are attracted and with time they develop a good taste of Mexican food which helps the restaurant to run successfully in the new town.

2nd Function of Management – Organizing

Organizing in any field, Organization or institution is another main function of management. This field requires a manager who has excellent skills of organizing his staff, assigning employee duties, the provided extras, and resources.


If the manager of an organization doesn’t know how many people he needs to staff for a particular task to be done he either hires less which makes the process of achieving goals slow or not being accomplished OR he hires more than necessary hence he wastes a huge amount of money.

If the manager in any restaurant doesn’t know what amount of groceries he needs according to how many customers he has per day. He will either buy too many groceries and waste both money and food Or buy less which will automatically result in a failure to satisfy customers.

3rd Function of Management Leading

You are on a task to manage a group of people to make them work and accomplish the goals as per your need. Money is not going to be the only required fuel.

The employees are the one who works for a person who pays them in return for tasks being completed. But now, here you are not making robots work as per instructions, you are using human resources for which your employees need the motivation to work.

A great deal for you, give you an outstanding result and make your organization succeed with their help by producing high-quality work.

For that, you need to be a great Leader. You are going to give motivation to your employees by providing them with a good environment & conditions to work more effectively, giving them good supervision, providing facilities i.e. health and housing facilities.

Gain confidence in them. So that, they don’t follow you because you pay them but they follow you voluntarily because they believe in you as the leader.

This is done by being a successful person who always makes the right decision, knows the pros and cons and how to keep away from failures.

4th Function of Management – Controlling

This part of management deals with monitoring and evaluating any activity. Any manager who is making an effort along with his team to achieve the goals of his organization, it’s a must for him to monitor the whole process and judge the quality of work done by the staff.

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