Characteristics of Good Employee

For an organization employees are the building blocks. So for the organizer or heads it is important that they should have a vast knowledge to test a good employee. As the employees are the asset to any organization. The advantage of HRM department is to face big challenge for an organization’s HR department is to hire good employees as well as maintaining them. HR Trends are changing time to time and hiring process are also changing but in broader term HR Department Functions are same all the time.

Some Characteristics of a good employee mention here :

Strong ability for work diligence

The employee should have the passionate love for his work. He should have strong work ethics. This can be more achieve by:

  • Set and achieve Quality

The good employee should have this quality. He should be fully determine to his work.

Positive attitude of good employee

A good employee should be capable of maintaining positive attitude toward every situation. He should be positive even in the negative or harsh situations. This positive will help in way:

  • Creates a healthy environment

Positive behavior of employee is major way of healthy and sound environment in any organization. Employee with this quality are capable of keeping good environment. This helps in increasing the productivity level.


A good employee should have motivation inside. He should not look for others to motivate him. He should have his motivation sources so that he should work without finding excuses. Its one of Entrepreneur habit. This quality may be mention as:

  • Effective work
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Self-Motivated employee work effectively just by little direction. His circle doesn’t lies on any other’s provided motivation.


A good employee should be capable of working in a team. He should have the ability of collaboration with other. He should be capable of understanding other people behaviors and adjustment with them. This can be more explained as:

  • Productive

A good employee should have the capability of collaboration and working in such a way that will result in most production. Because an organization success is more dependent on group work

Best Communicator

A good employee should be a good communicator. He should have good communication skills. He should communicate in such a way that the listeners should be able to understand that easily.

  • Clarification Ability

Best communicator must have concern with the clarity of his communication. He should be capable of making his point clear to others and also should have the ability of understanding correctly. For this purpose, modes of communication are noticed.


A good employee should be flexible. He must adapt the environment. He should not resist change without understanding or saying that he should not resist the change blindly would be more suitable. Instead he should adapt himself to the circumstances. They should be willing.

  • Willingness
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A good employee should be willing to accept the change that is beneficial for the organization. They should be willing to adapt the skills that adjust themselves accordingly.


A good employee should give much value to discipline. He should obey the organization rules in every task from starting hours to the leaving time. He should be well-manner and also punctual.

  • Punctuality

The employee who is punctual is mostly liked by its subordinates in many organizations. If the disciplined of the employee has to be checked then his punctuality is taken under consideration.

Consequently, in many firms there are a lot of qualities to test the employees. Some qualities has briefly discussed above. Many other like hard work, ambitiousness, avoidance of gossips, honesty, politeness, creativity, intelligence, leadership ability, learning from mistakes, accountability and good sense of humor can be consider. So, If a person wants to get a job in any organization he should develop at least some of these qualities in his self because today these all are the demands of Organization or Human Resource Department.

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