What is Car Refinancing? Pros & Cons of Automotive Refinancing

Mid Class families living their lives within limited financial resources. These are families doing small businesses or medium level jobs. They too desire to have a car but not everyone can afford. This is why these families avail auto financing. This car loan bank service helps them to pay amount in parts with predefined interest over the amount banks, credit unions or financial institutions pays to car manufacturer, dealer and owner on your behalf under different car financing options. Banks charge different interest rates in different territories depending upon state’s financial condition & consumer’s credit score.

Credit score is bank’s internal rating system to help its evaluation in allowing consumers to avail or not to avail bank’s credit facility that includes mortgage loans, credit cards, personal financing, business financing, home loan, car loan and car financing and other banking products.

What is Car Refinancing?

Car refinancing is auto loan replacement process to other bank within more favorable terms for consumer.  According to consumer reports 84.5% cars on roads are bank financed. Usually second chances are hard to arrive. If you are getting it, try to avail.

Car refinancing is for you under the umbrella of your needs. It’s not for you too. Most of the people wish to lower their markup rates, monthly payment and extending their payment tenor. It depends! This article will improve your knowledge by explaining Car Refinancing, How Refinancing works, what are Pros & Cons, should you refinance your car and when it should be

How Auto Refinancing works?

Car owner connects to new bank to pay parent bank for car he/she has. Car owners (authorized to drive, maintain and keep the car for their personal or business usages. They are called as owner but not owner by law. Owner is financing institution because this person cannot sale the car without permission). This practice is adopted by consumers are not able to pay or willing to pay debt amount in longer period or smaller amounts per month. It also helps in lowering interest rates and amount.

This way new bank or credit union pay debts to current financing party on behalf of consumer and make a new monthly payment plan with new terms and different markup rate on your owed amount new bank paid to old ones.

auto loan amortization calculator

Pros & Cons of Refinancing Car

The benefits

Extend your paying cycle: Yes. Life is uncertain. Nothing is permanent or for sure. God forbids, something bad can happen without informing. Such as unexpected illness, road accidents, theft or stolen debit & credit cards are enough to disturb monetary management for both household and businesses. It would help in increasing repayments.

Example: If you are in agreement for Chase Auto Finance to pay in 36 months. There is possibility of paying it in 48 or 60 months with other bank agreement.

Using for different options: If consumer financed car’s worth is more than owed amount. It is possible to refinance and use extra cash for other needs.

Example: Let say, your car worth and market price is 4000$ and you owe 2500$. Refinancing agreement with different bank would give you 3000-3500$. The extra could be used for buying new laptop, mobiles, or planning vacations.

Lower Interest rates

The best part is, you can lower interest rates by good percentages. Auto Loans generally give at 3 to 5% APRs.

New auto loans 4.74%
Used Auto Loans 4.74%
Auto refinancing 2.99%

The Demerits

Higher interests:

No bank or financial institution would finance without their business benefits. Refinancing can cause you paying more interests compared to the interest you are paying with current lender. You’re increasing your payment tenor; the longer payment tenor adds more interest on same amount.

Example: Currently you are paying 4% interest on 5000$. If you extend your months for payment you are also increasing bank interest.

How to qualify auto refinancing?

Application process is simple and same with all financing institutions including bank, credit unions and lenders. The process won’t take more than 30 minutes after having these documents.

  1. Income Proof / Source (Pay slip, W-2, other documents)
  2. Your net worth (Assets that are estimated from your bank statements)
  3. Verification from Employer. (for no.1 )
  4. Social security & Driving license.

How Auto refinancing pre-qualification works?

Car dealers prefers financing by preferred lenders, this is because of their own interests with them. Relax, you have another option of qualifying car financing with above mentioned process. Afterwards, Owner only needs to bargain actual car price. Salesman’s focus would be on monthly lowest payment schedule; in these discussions, you shall forget to discuss about price.

With excellent credit score above 750 on 60 months payment will be near to 3.20-3.30% per annum. On good credit score 700-749 on 60 month payment would be 3.490% per annum and on fair credit score 640-699 would be 3.340% per annum.

When to apply for refinancing?

Refinanced car can also harm or benefit. You must think, rethink before applying. It only makes better if

  1. The Interest rates are lower than before. Paying more is not good decision. Most banks consider refinanced loans as used car loans where interest percentages are higher than new ones.
  2. You should go for it if you are willing to lower you monthly payment amounts.
  3. Try it if you are willing to buy a new car.
  4. Credit scores play important role in loan amount calculation. Increased or decreased credit score can make difference in amounts you are paying or you shall pay in future. Dealing with low credit score may

Taking the right decision

Being lender, you must always evaluate your financial condition, credit score, needs & desires. With improved credit score, auto refinancing is best decision because good credit score means lowering your markup rate.

Also analyze new bank’s terms with old one to check most favorable option for yourself. You may be stuck by missing TOC reading and understanding. Ask salesman or call bank numbers to clear mis-conceptions.

Do not stay with one option. Try different banks & credit unions and make detailed paper work by highlighting terms in your way or against you.

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