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There are different insurance companies in the UK providing the different type of insurance including life, car, health, accidental, mobile, theft, fire and other insurances. As an insurance policy is a type of contract in which an entity receives financial protection in uncertain circumstances from an insurance company.

The Company sets the type of insurance contract between the insurer and policyholder to pay a premium to the insurance company, and term and condition on which the company agrees to give you protection for your loss after an unforeseen event like death or an accident etc.

In our daily life routine people faces many risks in every field of life. They wouldn’t estimate first how much loss they faced. Particularly ups and downs are the part of a business.

Businessmen make insurance to avoid loss.

Insurance means protection against loss of some asset.

An insurer is a person who offers insurance and another person who buy insurance known a policyholder. In this agreement which have some insurance terms and conditions which the insurer will compensate the insured.

Please note: This document is written in specific insurance terminologies.

According to this agreement insurer charge, some amount from the policyholder for the coverage of loss is known as premium.

Premium amount will be charged yearly, quarterly. Premium is income for an insurance company once he charges that represent a liability than insurer must provide coverage against claims.

When insurer experiences a loss which is covered by the insurance policy he submits a claim against insurance company for process claim adjuster.

Importance of Insurance

The world we live in is full of risk, this is why insurance is important to our life. Our families, assets, business, property could go through different types of risk. These risks include uncertain death, an accident etc. These losses develop the need for insurance to be compensated with the financial resource from an issuer.

Functions of Insurance

  • It gives protection to you and your family. The whole family depends on your financial support and for the safe side of you and your loved one to take an insurance policy for unexpected and uncertain circumstances.
  • On any unforeseen event like an illness, injury, any permanent disability or uncertain death, can leave your family is facing financial stress. So Insurance reduces your financial stress and you can focus on other circumstances of life.
  • Medical insurance gives you the medical support in case of uncertain illness and you are unable to bear your medical expenses, the insured get the medical support I case of the medical insurance policy.
  • Insurance plays an important role in the development of the country’s economy. A large number of funds are collected by premium. These funds utilized in the industrial growth of the country, which develops economic growth.

Main Types of Insurance Coverage

There are several types of insurance coverage. Insurance coverage has many criteria according to insurance premium or which type of insurance you have. Insurance help policyholder in every aspect of type insurance. Few of types in following:

  • Auto insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Collision insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Rental insurance
  • Land insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Broadcast insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance is the most important type of insurance in which insurance company pays you the sum of money either on set time period or death to his beneficial.

It gives liability to the insurance company. If an accident occurs you have to bear the expenses, but if you are insured then these expenses are met by the insurance company.

Terms of Life Insurance policy is approximately 30 years. After that, if an individual dies the maturity amount is paid to the nominee and if an individual alive than the amount is given to him

Medical insurance is very helpful in this regard where the amount is in accordance with the severity of the condition in any case. There are different types of health insurance coverages provided

Young people pay more premium as they are new with less experience and they have greater chances to meet accidents while older people pay less as they are more experienced drivers…

General insurance

It is the type of insurance that gives you protection on your losses on other things except for life insurance. This insurance includes

  • Home insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Medical and health insurance

Collision Insurance

In this insurance policy If your vehicle is insured and get damage in some accident then it will be included in collision insurance.

Auto Insurance

In this insurance policy if you are driving a vehicle and you hit someone then all the compensation amount will be paid by the insurance company. Moreover, there are 6 types of auto insurances.

Rental Insurance

In this policy if the house is on rent and insured then any damage happen in the house will be paid by the insurance company.

Land Insurance

If the land is insured and unfortunately landlord dies then no one can occupy the land forcefully and its the responsibility of insurance company to deliver to the rightful owner.

Homeowners Liability Coverage

Suppose, if you have a guest in your house and the house is insured and unfortunately guest get hurt by any mishap then the compensation amount will be covered by the insurance company via homeowner liability.

Broadcast Insurance

Broadcast insurance covers the broadcast insurance coverage.

For example, if a radio station is broadcasting a program and unfortunately its one of participants expires then broadcast insurance covers the compensation.

Same as also many other types of insurance coverage

Liability protection is not just a good idea. Insurance agents guide the insurers about the insurance policies and answer the concerned queries about insurance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Insurance

Insurance provides remarkable advantages, not provided by any other financial program but besides this, it also has some disadvantages

Pros of Insurance
• Protection
• Security
• Savings
Cons of Insurance
• Lengthy
• High Premium
• Crime Supportive
• Few Facilities

Advantages of Insurance Policy

Protect your Family When you Gone: As it is impossible to predict the future. Life insurance provides helping hands to your family when you are unable to support your family after death.

Providing Security: Insurance gives protection to the individual and their family. There may be a fire in the house or the factory or a car accident insurance gives you full security by paying the loss. If in the car accident your car is damaged than according to the terms and condition insurance company will bear the loss. It provides complete financially security in any unforeseen event.

Saving Encouragement: Insurance policy does not only give you protection in your unforeseen event but provides investment area too. It is a great source through which you can save money by paying a premium amount. The sum-up money will be paid to you after the maturity of the policy

Disadvantages of Insurance Policy

Takes too much time: It takes too much time to gives you payment of your losses due to long and lengthy legal formalities

Premium is Higher than Maturity amount: Sometimes the amount of premium is higher than the amount paid by an insurance company at the time of maturity

Lead to Crime: Insured may lead to crime to get the payment higher than the loss of insured or for the purpose to get the insured may one of family member kill the insured so they can get sum insured as a nominee.

Fewer Facilities: It may provide saving and investment encouragement, but does not facilitate as a bank do

How Insurance Premium Amount is Calculated?

Premium amount of an insurance policy is calculated by a specially designed calculator to know the actual amount to be paid as a premium. You just have to fill out the basic information that the calculator recommended you the plan

There are four basic factors to calculate the premium amount such as:

  • Age of entity
  • medical history
  • In taking habits
  • terms of policy

List of Top Insurance Companies in UK

Prudential plc

Legal & General

Aviva Plc

Standard Life

Old Mutual

Phoenix Group Holdings


RSA Insurance Group

Liverpool Victoria(LV)

AIG Europe Limited


As every financial instrument have some advantages and disadvantages. We have to choose according to our needs and their term and conditions. They have some tricky terms and conditions that we don’t read propyl at the time of buying and after that on the time of loss or maturity insurance company does not pay the whole loss or less maturity than the premium is paid.

So we have to be careful before buying the policy and clearer terms and conditions. Besides all this insurance policy gives protection and security to the family of the breadwinner. It is a great way to feel secure and satisfied that your family and loved one will have some financial protection after any loss or your death. Insurance helps the industrial growth of the country. It also gives you saving encouragement. It is the best way to generates financial resources.

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