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Top 10 Wheat Producing Countries in World – Production Ranks

Wheat Production entirely depends upon geographical conditions of a country as well as environmental. The list of wheat producing countries in the world may be long but in this reading, you will be entertained with a list of the Top 10 countries by production.

Top 10 Wheat Producing Countries

Wheat Producing Countries
• Europe
• China
• India
• US
• Canada
• Ukraine
• Pakistan
• Australia
• Turkey
Production in MT
• 1,51,600
• 1,29,700
• 84,922
• 47,371
• 30,000
• 26,981
• 26,600
• 21,500
• 21,000

1: China Wheat Production

China ranks first in wheat production in the world. It has achieved a spectacular wheat output in the years following the “Communist Revolution” 1949. It is the only country in the world which has registered the continuous increase in the production of wheat and since 1991; with the help of China agriculture technology, it is maintaining the first position.

Wheat Cultivation areas in China

For spring wheat cultivation Northeastern China is most important. Winter wheat crop is intensively grown in the Wei and Fen rivers basin. Kaoliang region in North China and Yangtze River basin are important producing areas.

China has about 23+ million hectares and production was 109.9 million metric tons.

2: India Wheat Production

India is the second largest wheat producer in the world. Production has made great strides in recent years and India has achieved self-sufficiency in food production.

It produces about 75+ million metric tons from about 28 million hectares. It is cultivated over 11 percent cultivated land of India.

Wheat Producing states in India

The Utter Pradesh is most important followed by Punjab in wheat production. While Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Bihar are other most important wheat producing states.

3: Wheat Production in the US [ United States of America ]

Wheat cultivation in the United States in highly mechanized and due to regional diversity of climate, U.S.A. cultivates, spring and winter season. It produces 55+ million metric tons, from the cultivated area of 20.6 million hectares.

US Wheat Production states

(i)          The Columbian plateau wheat region.

(ii)         The Northern provinces region.

(iii)        Western and southern provinces region.

(iv)        Southern states wheat region.

4: Russia Wheat Production

Today Russian Federation ranks fourth in wheat production in the world, and Russian farming techniques with geographical factors grow both winter and spring. Wheat production in Russia crosses 49.4 million metric tons, while hectare age under cultivation was 24.5 million hectares.

The region extends from European Russian region to trans-Urals, Western Siberia and Volga region.

5: France

On the continent of Europe, France is the most important producer and produces about 22% in Europe. Agriculture is highly mechanized in France while using the latest agronomic methods, France obtains the high yield of wheat production per acre.

Ruhr and Saar’s valleys are world famous for cultivation because environmental factors are most suitable for wheat cultivation. The area under cultivation 5.3+ million hectares arid production was 33.2 million metric tons.

6: Pakistan

It is most widely grown in all irrigated areas of Pakistan. While all rainfed areas of all provinces contribute about 15% to 20% percent of the total wheat output of Pakistan because it has different types of soil and the best irrigation system of the World.

Wheat Growing areas in Pakistan

The main wheat growing region of Pakistan is located in the irrigated areas of Indus plain, both in Punjab and Sindh and Tras-Indus plain (Peshawar Valley). Agriculture is important in Pakistan, grown over 37% of the cultivated area and Punjab produces more than 80% of Pakistan’s production.

It is cash crop of Pakistan as the area under crop is 8.5 million hectares, while production is above 23.5 million metric tons. Wheat yield per acre in Pakistan is only 27,690 kg, which is very less as compared to developed countries.

7: Germany

Germany is the 7th largest producer of wheat in the world. All most all the plain areas of Germany produce and due to the small population, Germany exports large quantity in the international market.

Its production is more than 21.4 million metric tons and area under cultivation is only 3 million hectares, due to high yield it achieves large amount from small hectare age.

8: Canada Wheat Production

Canada is the 8th largest wheat producing nation in the world. In Canada, spring wheat crop predominates and the Prairie Provinces account for 95% output of spring.

In provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba are notable for cultivation. While British Columbia and Ontario provinces also produce large quantities.

Canadian wheat industry recently produced 20.6 million tons from 3.8 million hectares area.

9: Turkey

Turkey is another prominent country in wheat production in Asia and ranks 9th in the world. In Turkey northwestern region, coastal southern plain and plateau of Armenia are important growing regions. Turkish cultivation area is 8.6+ million hectares, while production is 17.7 million metric tons.

10: Kazakhstan

In the Central Asian region, Kazakhstan is another important producer and it is the 10th largest producer in the world. Northern Kazakhstan is best hard wheat (spring wheat) producing region in the world. Kazakhstan wheat production is above 16.5+ million metric tons from area 12.9 million hectares cultivation area

Other Important Wheat Producing Countries

Iran, Argentina, United Kingdom, and Australia are some other countries, produce wheat at large scale. Brazil, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Syria, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan etc., also produce large amounts.

The U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, Germany, France and are important exporting countries of the world.

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