Unemployment in Pakistan [ Causes and Solutions ]

In the vast ocean of 195th countries, Pakistan lies under the band of developing countries which are still fighting in this global world for their survival. Being a developing country, it has been facing various huge crisis including unemployment in Pakistan since emergence.

Youth Unemployment is the main problem that Pakistan is facing Nowadays, due to this poverty is on his peak. An atrocious fact that Pakistan is currently plagued with a sheer Unemployment. This post is all about the causes of unemployment in Pakistan and presents the best possible solutions.

• Unemployment Rate
• Unemployed People
• Population
• Employed People
Statistical Data
• 5.90%
• 3.62 Million
• 200 Million
• 62.23 Million

Top 8 Causes of Unemployment in Pakistan

Reasons of Unemployment in Pakistan
• Limited Resources
• No Investments
• Fewer Opportunities
• Poor Education System
• Limited Experiences
• Law Violence
• Energy Crisis
• Retirement Age
Solutions of Unemployment in Pakistan
• Monitor Referral Systems
• Support Industries
• Support Investors
• Implement Law
• Provide Experience Opportunities
• Start pension program
• Train Youth

Following are the determinants of unemployment in Pakistan. In Pakistan, there are about 2 million people are unemployed which is really perilous sign for Pakistanis.

Lack of Sources

One main reason is the lack of sources. The person who has been graduated from any institute has to wait for any vacancy for a long time because he or she has to show a reference of any high official or in simple words, he/she needs a “source” despite his brilliant academic record and abilities.

Pakistani Soil is fertile. Budgeting authorities and politicians need to understand the importance of agriculture in Pakistan. Pakistan ranks at number four in largest cotton producing countries in the world, at 6th in wheat producing countries, at 8th in silk production, rice, fruits, and many other agriculture products. Yet agriculture contribution to Pakistan GDP is not satisfactory. It is all because of no resources of advanced farming.

Lack of Investment

Another reason is lack of investment. Investors are investing in outside projects due to which there is a low savings average which leads to low capital, which is ultimately a reason for unemployment.

Lack of Opportunities

Pakistan is considered a talented nation but due to poor employment system, many talented people do not find a platform to show their skills. Due to this many people remain jobless for a long time. Even Facebook marketing can enhance business but lack of familiarity with the banking system do not let people start.

Poor Education System in Pakistan

In Pakistan education system is not improved with time needs. There several technical colleges that are training the students but this training is not according to the needs of the market. They are also not trained. From the primary level to university graduates, they must be trained to different skills especially the main focus should be to build Entrepreneurial skills and characteristics in youth

Lack of Experience

The frequently asked question in most job interviews is “How experienced you are?”. Despite providing a chance of experience to skilled people every one is asking for their high experience in the field.

Violence of Law

As the law is not considered an important or respectable aspect in our society. Due lack of following of law everyone considers himself as superior and do whatever he wants. This makes the system poor due to which people avoid in investing or establishing industries in the country.

Energy Crisis in Pakistan

As Pakistan has been gifted with huge natural resources but due to lack of government concentration these resources have not been used in a proper way. As facing these energy crisis government is unable to provide basic needs like electricity, water, gas, and home. Shortage of electricity cause loss to industrialists and as a result, they are shifting their units to other countries.

High Age of Retirement

In Pakistan, the age of retirement is 60. In many government institutes, there are officers who are not even able to work continuously for 2 hours but they are on the seat. Due to them, there are many talented people who are still looking for the job despite their ability, talent, hard work, and working power only because of lack of any vacancy.

Is CPEC a hope for Pakistanis and Advantageous to Pakistan?

The CPEC appears to be a very crucial project for both the countries. For Pakistan it helps to provide a much needed base to kick start its economic growth. CPEC will be a great source to generate employment opportunities for both, literate and illiterate work force.

Best 11 Solutions for reducing Unemployment in Pakistan

Being a nation it’s our honorable duty to take away the darkness of our country. Our country will progress only when we all play our role in it.

Big and Successful companies simply want to hire the best employee. Not any organization is willing to hire individuals who are unsure of what to do in a professional way.

A great initiative by PM Imran Khan: Naya Pakistan Housing Program

Since our country is surviving for many years it will not be proper by just the Government but we also have to help each other to uproot all the problems. Here are few strategies to combat unemployment in Pakistan:

  • Unauthentic Sources should strictly be uprooted. So that the deserving people should get the job.
  • The government should create an environment which makes the industrialist set more and more industries.
  • The government should give much facilities and benefits to the investors so that they invest more in Pakistan.
  • The education system should be updated and systemize in a good manner.
  • Law implementation should strictly monitor.
  • Every citizen should follow the rules and regulations by heart and should maintain discipline.
  • The Government and also the high officials should try to provide a platform to youngsters where they could be able to gain experience and also a chance to enhance and polish their skills.
  • Hundreds of creative minds are facing high-interest rate personal loans in Pakistan. Govt. should start schemes to promote them.
  • A policy should be made in which the officers who have crossed the age of 50 should be given their deserving pensions and also few allowances.
  • The government should construct and plan policies in a proper way
  • Businessmen should be encouraged to start own business or continue the family business.
  • The youngsters should develop in themselves the qualities of working hard and also the passion for working productively.

There is not any problem in the world which can’t be removed with the passion and determination. The only thing which has to be done is work with unity and responsibility. If every citizen starts performing his or her own duties then there is no one who will stop the nation to progress.

Being unemployed causes people to often feel woeful as well as dejected, so if you have some family member or friend who is unemployed ascertain that you are there for this person in their time of need and self-doubt as well.

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