Types of Advertising – Top 5 Advertising Media [ Pros and Cons ]

Advertising has taken the business world by its throat. It has been categorized to be an extremely vital element linked with various types of businesses. If you wish to acquire customers and hopefully remain as a well-known organization or business then your number one priority should be using different types of advertising media. The advertising is classified into Traditional & Modern Mode of advertising.

In this day and age, starting a business has become a simple enough task. You can find all the necessary material available online and the only requirement is a dedicated attitude along with a proper internet connection.

The wonders of the internet and the online world aren’t a fascination for this generation anymore, which is why it is and should be utilized to its fullest. No matter how much you end up investing in a business, if there are no potential buyers then you will see the red light. The reason why promotion has made its name throughout the business world is that it is the major key involved in a business’s growth. If you can do decent enough advertising you can sell literally anything; the sky can be the limit.

The number one rule of advertisement, by understanding market orientation is to choose your target audience wisely if you know that your products will be favored by a particular type of audience then target them for your ads; do not focus on the wrong market or it will inevitably result in a loss.

As the years have progressed, advertising has taken various shapes and has proven to be more conveniently done than before, the diverse types of advertising media are used to under critical observation to drive right customers to the company by taking full advantage from functions of advertising.

Social Media or Online (Internet)

Pros of Online Advertising
• Cost Effective
• Easy Testing
• Specific Targetting
• ROI Measurement
Cons of Online Advertising
• Not good for all Businesses
• Huge Numbers of Advertisers
• Easily Forgettable
• Lack of Customer’s Trust
• Online Account Management
This is the number one element that is highly stressed for promotion and overall advertising. Companies have set up their social media accounts where they update their followers (or future customers) on any new deals or products.

The option of paid promotion existing within Google as well as Facebook is also used to reach a wider audience. As most of this generation spend their research and effort on social media, using this modern advertising type builds awareness in prospects because:

  • You can get to collaborate with other huge platforms that have a large amount of following.
  • Raising awareness towards anything has become relatively easy by remaining online.
  • You can get first-hand information about what might be going on in a country or location that is on the other side.
  • Your business can reach worldwide audiences not to mention that e-commerce platforms have simplified business
  • You can make your products be listed on other platforms, which is another interesting way of generating profit.

Magazines and Newspapers

Pros of Print Media Advertising
• Comes in Budgeting
• Too Many Options Available
• Good for B2B & B2C
• Longest Life
Cons of Print Media Advertising
• Micro Level Readers
• Bad Print Quality
• Easily Forgetable
• Unable to Test Ad
• Premium Places are Costly
This advertising media has been in since a long time now. They were once the ultimate form of marketing before being overtaken by online advertising. On the side of magazines, there is a section for relevant businesses and their influence, their products, and the overall description is mentioned. A business if it fits the magazine’s niche will be added for further spicing up; they will use the business for their success while the business will profit at the same time.

The same goes for newspapers, there is a section for advertisements and you can stay updated on various businesses through its help. The one element to look out for it that magazines are usually beneficial in advertising when they are sending out in large cities or a place with a good amount of population. It shows that the magazine has potential readers and ensures your business to get more attention if it is promoted in it.


Pros of Mail Advertising
• Highly Targetted Audience
• Campaign Measurement
• Pause or Restart anytime
Cons of Mail Advertising
• Out Dated Approach
• Spam Filteration / No Interest
• Minimal Response
Mailing is another convenient enough method that involves both physical marketing schemes like pamphlets and brochures along with targeting their audience through online emails. You can get your products out there by jumping into someone’s emails and convincing them why you are the best candidate among your competitors. Both such methods ensure that you are easily able to target your potential audience, which increases the chances of seeing success with your advertisements.


Pros of TV Advertising
• Huge Viewership
• Multiple Viewable Approach
• Prime Time Target
• Drive Non-Targetted Customers
Cons of TV Advertising
• Bad for B2B
• Hard to Target Specific Viewer
• Channel Switching
• Prime Time is Expensive
Television ads relating to your products can garner various sorts of advantages, firstly customers will get to listen, hear, and see what the products working mechanism is all about. You’d be able to convince generally a much bigger set of audience but once the commercial comes to an end it does lose its charm so that is a downfall.


Pros of Radio Advertising
• Cost Effective
• Dedicated Listeners
• Easy Target Audience
Cons of Radio Advertising
• Limited Listners
• Limited Options
• Distraction
Radio is another way of making sure you get to persuade your target audience. You can ensure that your ad keeps playing through the radio, which leaves a lasting impression on the listener’s mind.


Overall, all such mentioned methods can be just as effective communication or unconvincing so it depends upon yourself how much creative you are in demonstrating or putting your material out there. Being sure that your promotion game is on point is the driving factor whether your business will prosper or not.

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