Top Web Design Problems and Ways to Fix Them

Web designs make the big differences to websites and to the future of the business online presence. Let’s begin with the most astonishing facts that will help you to bring more adaptations and advancement to your website. In this read, we will be discussing the Top Major Website design problems and ways to fix them under the light of Top Web Design Companies. Like Choosing Web Hosting, Designs are mostly treated as non-technical skills and people are not very much concerned about making professional look when it comes to designing.

What Impact a Good Design Gives your Website?

A good design is one primary source of bringing a potential customer to your website. It is the first impression that user gets from your niche. Just like a grocery store, and a small store near your house has much to do with your choices and requirements. Similarly, a good design can make a good difference when properly implemented with the standards.

Listed below are the few major Design problems along with their solutions. Let’s begin with common website problems and solutions. These problems can be seen frequently on websites developed today. Solutions mentioned here are according to the conventions and up to Google’s new updates.

Incompatibility Issues

Designing your web application beautifully is not all that you need. If you are putting your plenty of efforts in order to make your web presence good than that means your efforts will go all in vain if you haven’t prepared it with gadget compatibility. Worn HTML and CSS pages are now from old school rather people want to develop a good impact from every single perspective so they are preparing for the worst by making their website visible to amidst every future obstacle.

Solution: Try to make responsive websites. Just like WordPress offers. It has responsiveness and compatibility that can make website grow other than the traditional way. It moves freely on every architecture giving it complete responsiveness.

Targeted Audience Missing

Most of the designs do not cater to user needs rather prefer to add animations rather than functionality. Consider a website is offering stationary items and websites contains images related to it won’t work until it is not being told why and how they can prove beneficial to people they are watching.

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Solution: Always highlight the significant impact of your niche. Do not put the thing extremely simple rather tell your audience how better you are from your competitors either in terms of services by adding up several discounts and promotions that can appeal to the user.

Bad Navigation

Navigation is good practice when it comes to within a page. But too much excessive navigation may lead to the unusual and annoying environment to handle by the user. Google has also banned some of the websites that were too much into redirecting links and considered them nonvaluable assert against the queries results.

Solution: Do not use too much redirection. Always try to use healthy URL’s so you can bring the best to your page along with staying purpose oriented.

Broken Links

Broken links or error 404 are some of the most frustrating problems that user can encounter. It is quite clear that these broken links do not have helpful information behind them but they click there is an error in the page instead of the information you ever wanted to see.

Solution: Check your website weekly as far as dead links are concerned. This is one common web design mistakes that you will see in most of the websites. You can even create some custom reports and dead straight link that can take customization and other expertise. Either you can also make your website more manageable and easy to handle.

Dead linker checker is one of the favorites and straightforward remedy for broken links It can check the whole page in one time delivering the massive relief to the people by fixing broken links problems.

Loading time

It is one of the qualitative factors that can bring the difference to your online presence. This is one major that Professional Web Design Services take care of. The average loading time of the website is 3s that’s what Google says. Most of the website loaded with too much of glittery stuff take too much of time of loading and hence leaves bad interpretation and no benefit to the user.

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Solution: The best solution for managing your website loading time is to decrease all the unnecessary stuff. Just like too many animations, broken links, and heavy media files can also one cause too much time requirement of time by the websites. Avoid adding too much content, web pages links and add to avoid too much loading time.

Tagging & Adds

It is one of the marketing trends this year. But this can also become one of the problems that can bring your website ranking quiet down. This means that making too much of adds and advertising content can lead to the problem and eventually user loses interest from too much of redirection soon it opens the page.

There are also subscription options that most of the websites seems like forcing a user in order to avail information.  This is not good practice anymore rather it puts bad impression and a user gets annoyed because of it.

Solution: Adds are good somehow as they offer the user a variety of healthy links to visit but try not to add too much of them. This is out of website conventions and not being followed recently. Too much of adds lead to the distraction and website loses significance itself.

These above mentioned are the few problems that need to get fixed timely as they can create a big downfall to your website in future if not corrected and important Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Web Design Company. Good software development companies also take care of these practices and try to deploy services by considering these points.

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