Rights of Parnters


Every partner has equal rights in disposing of the matter. However, ordinary matters are decided by the simple majority of partners and policy matters are settled with the consent of all the partners but every partner must be consulted.

Receive Profit

Every partner has a right to receive equal profit from the management in the absence of an agreement.

Participation in the Management

Every partner is allowed to take part in the management of the business.

Inspection of Accounts

Every partner has a right to Inspect and verify all types of record, books and accounts and is also allowed to copy them.


A partner is entitled to be indemnified by the firm for all acts done by him in respect of:

  • Payment of debts and liabilities
  • Payment made in the emergency
  • Payment incurred to conduct the partnership affairs.

Exercise Power

As one partner is an agent of other partner, so he can exercise his power to protect the firm from loss and the expenses incurred in this respect will be paid by his copartner.

Interest on Capital

A partner is not allowed to receive interest on capital invested by them.

To use the business property

Every partner is a joint owner of the business property. So he has equal right to use it for business purpose.

Introduction of New Partner

New partner cannot be admitted in the firm without the consent of all partners.

Right to Continue

Every partner has the right to continue his partnership with the firm. He cannot be expelled from partnership without any solid reason.

Rights of other partner after outgoing of a Partner

After outgoing of a partner from the firm surviving partners have a right to carry on the business activities without’ any clearing of accounts. So out going partner or representative of deceased partner is entitled to receive profit or interest from the date of separation till the final settlement of accounts.

Liability before admitting

New admitting partners will not incur any obligation of the firm before the become a partner.


Every partner has right to retire from the firm serving notice of 14 days to all partners in case of partnership at will.

Commence competing business

An out-going partner has right to commence competing business but he cannot use the firm’s name or trade market o other special privilege.

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