Qualities of a Good Businessman

There are many things leading to success in business, all these factors collectively adds their input in business and results in better profit margins, more sales, stable business. However, neither every businessman is successful nor failed. Your success is driven within your own internal abilities.

Let me clear, Entrepreneur is somewhat different from a businessman. Both are different but they are intermingled too. Entrepreneurs qualities could be matching to businessman but on the same side, they are different. An entrepreneur takes more risk whereas businessman is little hectic to taking risks.

Qualities of Good Businessman

An Entreprenuer is
• Market Creator / Need Creator
• More Risk Taker
• Finds Low Competitive Market
• Long Term Aproach
A Businessman
• Find Solution of Existing Needs
• Fewer Risk Taker
• Enters in Already Competitive Market
• Regular Profit Approach

Business Ability

For the success of any business it is essential that a businessman must possess the sounds knowledge of market, product, technological development, scientific .inventions, innovation, organization and business laws. It requires an ability to initiate, direct and control, and even more important, the capacity to win and hold the respect and loyalty of fellow workers.

It permits the businessman to work efficiently for the prosperity of his business. This type of quality depends first on temperament and second on training.

Good Appearance

This is a prominent quality required in a businessman. It helps him much to win the opinion of the public. Good appearance is a rare quality and depends on a combination of many other qualities of head and heart.

It is the capacity of attracting and influencing other people without conscious effort. A businessman with a sound personality can easily win the confidence of his prospect and convince him about his point of view.

Spirit to Co-Operate

This businessman shall be a good Co-operator, and so a good businessman. He must be able to compromise adjust, adapt, and be willing to admit that his judgment may on occasions be wrong. Besides he must be temperamentally fitted to exercise a divided authority.

Well Balanced

A businessman must be a well balanced man of talent. He must have a consistent mind for clearness, steadiness and firmness in his dealings with others. He must never be prey to moods, by being of complacent temper today.

Sincerity and Honesty

A businessman should be sincere and honest in his business branding activities. His own and the form’s reputation depends on honesty. This honesty and sincerity which goes with it are attributes of the businessman at his best. Honesty with him is not only the best policy but also the best practice.


The next quality without which no one should consider a profession as a businessman, is enthusiasm for his activities, for an unsettled life, and for long hours and for the people who are going to meet. Then the knowledge of product, knowledge of the marketing conditions and knowledge of the prospect to enthusiasm and you have unbeatable combination.


Successful businessman should have the capacity of dependability. He should use every effort to hold it constant and dependable, so that those who work under it know what to expect as it remains nonfluctuating from day today. It keeps him much to win the heart of both customers and workers.


Courtesy is to business what oil is to machinery. It costs nothing but wins a reputation. So businessman has to win the heart of everyone with his polite manners. Every one cannot know how may down is head before the polite and courteous businessman.


A businessman must be alert to the opportunities surrounding his business. He must keep in touch with the world, and not keep himself to himself. He should move about and see what is going on for he has to estimate new wants and new inventions for creating fresh demands.


Another notable quality of the businessman is ability to mix with anyone within a minute or two. He must get himself introduced to an unknown persons within a short time. Thus a businessman of sociable nature can easily win the confidence of many persons and much popularity among them.

Financial Ability

Finance is an important factor for successful operation of the business. Without adequate finance no business can smoothly run. So a businessman must possess good financial position. The larger the amount of capital, the larger is the size of business and larger the volume of profit.

While studying the scope of business Organization, its nature and functions are generally considered keeping in view, what factors, problems and matters may be include under the topic? Where this subject may be applied? What may be its role’ in the business field?

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