Importance of Psychology in Human Resources Management – HRM

Psychology is the study of mind and behaviour and if we talk about the role of psychology in human resources then it is the branch of psychology studying behaviour and mental processes of the person in the course of management. Organizational psychologists play a vital role in the human resources management functions of different companies and organizations. A study was conducted by Seyidov in 2002 in which they also defined the management and then shows the correlation between management and psychology


Selection of New Employees

Human resources psychology jobs are designed for the selection procedure for hiring the suitable employees is very important. Interview is taken by the candidates in whom they examine the skills, interest, knowledge, passion and determination of the persons related to the requirements of the job. Psychologist is also present in the panel interview and assesses the person’s confidence level, verbal, nonverbal behavior and above all his motivation.

8 steps in employee selection process are taken under deep observation of business psychologist. Psychometric tests are also use for further evaluation. Self-report inventories are given to the candidates for measuring the cognitive abilities, logical reasoning and personality. These inventories should be standardized, valid and reliable.

Performance Checks to Improve Existing Employees

The role of psychology HR is most important in promoting the already working employees in the organization with different employee performance management tools. Psychologist improves their performance by using different tactics.


Motivation of the employees is very important in any job. If a person is motivated to do something then he can achieve the goals and maintain his status among other employees. They can be motivated by randomly putting employee motivation quotes images in office, the computer wallpaper, or any weekly or monthly seminars.

Interpersonal Relationships

Mostly, they try to enhance communication skills. Employee’s communication with other employees and manager is part of the organization. There are various types of interpersonal relationship within office. If the environment is pleasant and employees are working, ultimately, productivity will raise. If there is conflict among employees then it affects the performance of the persons and keeps then disturb during the work.

Reward and Bonuses

If the employees are working honestly in the company then different type of bonuses & rewards for the employees to motivate them should be given. It causes to increase the performance and, in the response, they work hard by day and night and raise the company and organization in the society.

Besides reward and bonuses, if manager increase their wages and salary on the basis of their work hard and loyalty then it leaves the positive impact on their mind.

Environment of The Organization

The psychologist also suggests that Physical environment of any organization is the most important part for improving the performance. Structure of the room should be airy, the proper light should be available. Machines should be updated.

In some company’s tea and lunch breaks are given to the employees and it make them fresh. Internal Organizational environment should be friendly to do employee duties effectively. Timing is also most important factor and eight hours duty in a day is enough for better performance.

Leadership Skills

Leadership in management is also the most interesting factor.  There are different types of leadership skills & styles manager adopt according to their personalities. Transformation leadership style is all about to bring the change among groups and employees. This type of leaders motivates others to do more, listen to their complaints and solve their disputes. They set more challenges and often achieve higher performance.

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