Pakistan’s Election System – Types of Election in Pakistan

Election mean choosing or selection of candidates for an office by vote. Its play pivotal role in democracy. It is fair and legal way to gain power in country. It is not something novel, it has been in vogue for centuries. We have it is traces Ancient Greece. The Roman Empire and more defiantly in the caliphate period.

Types of Election in Pakistan

Election is mainly of two types – Direct and indirect Election. In a direct election all voters can vote to choose head of the state, while in an indirect election only the members of an electoral college can vote to select this head of the state. We have heard other names likes General Election, Local Election, By Election etc. among them the General Election is the most important and most popular. In it, country choose members of national assembly or provincial assembly. Election is an organized institution itself. There is an election commission that arranges for election when required. It has its declared rules and regulations. It enlist the voters. It issues the electoral lists, election symbols etc. it ensure the secrecy and sanctity of the ballet paper. It tries its best to free, fair and transparent election.

In Pakistan with the announcement of election date, election campaign commences and the game of democracy is now in full swing. All the parties and their workers seen more active and busy in propaganda. Election offices are set up. Contesting candidates start visiting the people, all pretend to be more patriot than the others. In Asian countries, election is a more interesting thing, there we see large banners, posters, hand bills and chalking on walls. There are interesting slogans. There are corner meetings, fiery speeches, long procession, catchy slogans, tall promises, clapping and so on. Zinda Abad or Murda Abad, Is there. One is called is patriot, while the other is declared traitor, workers clash, murders, family, disputes, vote-purchasing and temptation are common.

Although active election campaign ends 45 hours before polling, yet secret canvassing continues till the last vote in casted.

On the Election Day, voters flock towards the polling station. There are election camps outside the polling station to advise the voters. Even after casting votes, voters are not ready to leave the polling station. They wait for the result then in a group they go to congratulate there wining candidates.

Election system in Pakistan is not flawless. There are many loopholes in it. Voter-registration is faulty. Many illiterate person cannot got themselves registered in the voters list. There are mistakes in electoral roll. Fake votes are in abundance.  There is violation of election rules. Vote purchasing is common.

There are very poor arrangements to maintain the secrecy and sanctity of vote. Sometimes even there is doctoring of election results. Pakistan’s election system only in encourages the wealthy and powerful people to take post in election. It outs the honest and gentle people from the game of democracy. That is why, only corrupt, selfish and fraudulent leaders come in power and feather their own nests. It is not a happy tradition and future seems dark.

But still they should not be pessimistic, Pakistan should optimize democratic institution by over-healing the election system. There should be such a full proof election system that no selfish, greedy or looter can occupy the government. It should encourage honest, sincere, selfless and devoted people who could change the fate of their nation. Fair, free, impartial and transparent election is a guarantee for the progress and prosperity of the country.

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