Download Naya Pakistan Housing Programme Application form – 50 Lacs Homes Eligibility & Requirement

PM Imran Khan announces Naya Pakistan Housing Programme which will build 50 Lacs (5 Million) houses for Pakistani People who are living on rent or having no homes. Imran Khan is 22nd elected Prime Minister of Pakistan and President of Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf Political Party.

As Imran khan inaugurated this Scheme and Addressed to nation. The core reason behind this to facilitate people with their own homes who can not even dream to have it. This registration form issued by NADRA which is available to download and apply for the scheme. It got outstanding response from above 20 lac people interested in their own homes.

Benefits of Naya Pakistan Housing Programme

Building Homes at this mass level will directly increase millions of jobs in Pakistan. Cement, Sand, Cables, Pipes, Sanitary and many other industries will be producing their products. It will directly reduce unemployment in Pakistan through the industries as well as in local sector.

Historical Background & Housing Scheme Benefits

Do you know, more than 50% population in Pakistan living on rented homes. They are unable to save money at mass level and invest in businesses. Similar Housing Scheme was started back in history after World War II. Everything was destroyed and UK president started this plan by giving free land to people. It generated prosperity.

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How to Apply for Naya Pakistan Housing Programme

How to Fill the form with following information

  • Write your name in capital letters – As per CNIC issued by NADRA
  • Write your CNIC number
  • Write your Mobile number & Landline (Home) Phone
  • Select your profession
  • Mark your current residence
  • Choose the option of monthly accumulated family income
  • What monthly installment plans you like to prefer
  • How many people will be living in the home
  • Write your address and sign
  • Lower part of application will be filled by staff
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Pakistani Cities – Where this programme is started in First Phase

Initially this programme is started in 7 different districts of Pakistan

Last Date to submit: October 12, 2018 to December 12, 2018

Who is Eligible for the House?

According to the preferences, rules and regulations of the programme

  1. Only 1 person from each family can apply
  2. Candidates with no home in Pakistan will be preferred
  3. Prices, Site, Location, House Design will be discussed with candidate
  4. People who earns Rupee 10,000 to 25,000 monthly will be given these homes
  5. BS1 to BS16 Govt Job holders are eligible to apply for this home.

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