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Top 10 Iron Ore Producing Countries in World

Although it is widely distributed metal, only 49 countries, with about 150 deposits produce different types of iron ore. Iron is soft, malleable and ductile and easily magnetized at ordinary temperatures. Pure iron melts at about 1535°C and boils at 2750°C.

According to recent statistics, total deposits in the world are 300,000 million metric tons. Here is the List of Iron Ore production by country.

Top 10 Iron Ore Producing Countries

Iron Ore Production Countries
• China
• Russia
• Australia
• India
• Brazil
• Ukraine
• US
• South Africa
• Canada
Total 2017 Production in Million MT
• 340
• 60
• 545
• 120
• 280
• 39
• 29
• 39
• 29

1: China Iron Ore Production

Due to China Iron Ore consumption at mass level; China is not self-sufficient therefore China imports iron ore; it’s on Ranking first in the world.

The largest amount deposits occur within Manchuria and Anshan deposits. While the Yangtze Valley and south-west of Beijing are important for deposits.

China possesses more than 10,000 million metric tons reserves. It mined 520 million tons. High-grade magnetite and Haematite, iron ore deposits are widely scattered in China.

2: Russian Federation Iron Ore Production

Russia possesses huge deposits and ranks second in the world. Russia has a huge quantity of iron due to the physiography and huge capital.

Deposited are although distributed throughout Russia, but mostly found in the Ural Mountains, Eastern Siberia and Southern region of Moscow are most important.

Russia produced 105 million, metric tons and ranked fifth in iron ore production in the world.

3: Australia Iron Ore Production

Australia stands among those countries, which have large reserves and produce high amounts of iron ore. Due to small local consumption, it exports large quantities. Japan is the largest importer of Australian iron.

Western Australian region provides in bulk. While old iron +mines of Middle Back, Iron-Knob and Iron Monoarich are valuable, iron reserves in Southern Australia.

4: India Iron Ore Production

India has more than 21,000 million reserves, which are high-quality hematite and magnetite in grade. India ranks at number four in the list of iron ore production by country.

Iron ore mines in India are producing at a huge level and having relatively low prices.

It is widely distributed in the country; nearly 90% of national output is contributed by the states of Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Bihar, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and by mines in Rajasthan.

5: Brazil Iron Ore Production

Brazil has largest reserves in the world. Brazil is the biggest country in South America Continent; it has a huge area and a lot of forest and rivers.

Itabira and Carajas iron ore mines having high-grade reserves. Brazil exports large amounts, U.S.A. is the largest destination of Brazilian iron ore.

Brazil production in recent years crossed 300 million metric tons. Brazil 75% reserves are located in the Quadrilateral Zone of Minas Gerais.

6: Ukraine Iron Ore Production

Within commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Ukraine is very important, it possesses large reserves and is the 6th largest producer.

The Krivoi Rog is the largest producing region in Ukraine. In the CIS region, Kazakhstan is also an important producer and possesses large reserves.

Only 73 million metric iron ore production.

7: US Iron Ore Production

The United States is an important iron ore producer in the world, and ranked 7th in the world. U.S.A. is not self-sufficient in needs, it imports iron from Brazil and Australia.

Deposits of. The U.S.A. is distributed in northeastern Pennsylvania, Southeastern Alabama, Birmingham and Tennessee state, the western Rocky Mountain region and Lake Superior region.

U.S.A iron ore mining cross 54 million tons.

8: South Africa Iron Ore Production

South Africa is one of the outstanding countries and ranks 8th in the list of country by iron ore production in the world. The South African iron ore mining industry produced Brazil and India. The South African industry supplies the domestic market’s full demand for, and the remaining volumes are benefited and exported.

In South Africa, Transvaal ore region possesses large high-grade reserves and here more than 65% of the country is mined South Africa exports large quantities in the world market.

It possesses more than 10 billion metric tons reserves South Africa mined 40 million metric ton.

9: Canada Iron Ore Production

One of the important producer and possesses large quantities of iron ore mining in Canada as well as reserves.

In Canada, deposits are concentrated around the Lake Superior region in Ontario Province. Québec-Labrador and Newfoundland also possess high-grade reserves.

10: Sweden Iron Ore Production

Sweden is the largest iron ore producer in Western Europe. Sweden possesses the best quality deposits in the world and is an important exporting country in the world.

The Kiruna Sweden and Malmberget iron ore mines produce in bulk. It produces, with the mines in Sweden; very high grade of magnetite ore and earns sizeable revenue through the exports.

Other Important Countries

Above mentioned list of producing country and Mauritania are some exporting countries. While Japan; China, Korea, the U.K., Italy, Poland, France, Germany, and Pakistan are importing countries.

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