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Employee Appreciation Day Gift Ideas

Employees are the company’s biggest asset. Office building, installed electronics, running machines, debtors and creditors, and also even business name. Everything is replaceable and do not contribute in business success as much as an employee do.

Lets take a real life example, You being a producer have bought a latest machines and hired a technician to run it. What will you do if he/she doesn’t perform the duties well? Your machine even of $100,000 will not produce as much as it could if employees are devoted, dedicated, energetic, loving to work and thinks about organizational success.

To do this, We celebrate employee appreciation day. It means, businesses much appreciate their employee for their work. Each industry has its own budgets. Ultimately, not every business is able to buy a gift for each employee costing $100 but few employees are also being gifted with car of thousands of dollar. It depends upon business and employee.

If you are a manager and looking for priceless options, you can simply send the message, an image on WhatsApp or share a motivational employee appreciation quote with them.

Although, if you want to give them some gifts, it will motivate them more, gift prices may range different. However, in general these gifts may suit everywhere

List of Employee Appreciation day Gift Ideas

Waist Belt for Employee Appreciation Day Gift

Belt gift for employees on employee appreciation day

Waist belt is every day’s need. Such a elegant style’s waist belt would $5 to $25. It could a best option for managerial level employees. Depending upon their productivity, you may choose the price range of the belt.

Pen as Appericiation Day Gift

Pen gift for employees on employee appreciation day

If a business is paying $20-50 per hour to employee and he/she is working for 40 hours a week. A professionally looking pen starts from only $20 and may range upward. Why don’t you check this?

Personalized Coffee Mug

Personalized Coffee Mug gift for employees on employee appreciation day

Coffee mug is another great choice for cold ares and especially for employees loves to take tea and drink coffee. Such mugs would keep reminding them about you.

Wrist Watch

wrist watch gift for employees on employee appreciation day

“wow, so beautiful. I love it ! What an elegant looking wrist watch” Your employee may respond this way when you gift him a wrist watch. What it will do for you and him? Of course, it will help him/her to manage his/her time and perform tasks. It would also be remembrance cause and delighting them for their achievements.

Protection Glasses

eye protection glasses gift for employees on employee appreciation day

You have employees working on computer? Why don’t you gift them eye protection glasses? There’s no alternate of eyes. Try it

Key rings

Another great idea to Appreciate your employee. Buy some beautiful looking key ring or find any service provide to design personalized key rings for all of your employee.

Other Gift Ideas

  1. You can buy some perfumes
  2. Lapel Pins or Shields would be a great option in your budget
  3. Chocolate box – Everyone loves it
  4. Get some Homemade Candies

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