Easy Guide to Open Bank Account for Freelancers in Pakistan

Opening a bank account was a baby’s task some years back. It’s still simple and easy but due to many different unethical and unauthorized activities in Pakistan, it needs some banking processes (ordered by State Bank of Pakistan) to follow for opening a Bank Account.

Basic Types of Banking Accounts

1. Current Account
2. Savings Account

In Current account, you deposit you money and get no reward or interests on deposited amount where as in saving account you get some percentage from bank that is variable bank to bank. Both accounts have the basic requirement.

  • The income Source: How you earn the money you want to deposit in bank?
  • Valid Computerized National Identity card with copies
  • Valid postal address of your home/office to receive letters from bank

How Free Lancers can open bank account in Pakistan?

Collect all the documents and visit nearest branch of any bank you like, there are many options and every bank is giving different services and have some different requirements as well as benefits of opening account at their bank like free cheque books, free atm cards, monthly, semi annually or annually statements as well as online banking and mobile banking.

The Problem for Bank Accounts for Freelancers

As free lancer, you cannot provide valid income source as you are neither an employee nor a business. You are just providing services online.

The fact, “Pakistan is one of those countries providing a large number of free lancers worldwide. Pakistan is ranked at no. 4 out of 10”

How to make a valid & authentic income source?

The first and sincere advice is to register yourself as a service provider with fbr and visit your rto for this purpose.

You can get a salary slip or employment letter from any of your friend or family running small or big scale business. Simply provide it to bank and get your problem solved.

It is easiest way

You can show yourself as a business entity; providing services and generating revenues. (Don’t use this in fake manners because authorities can track and disable your account in future)

For this piece of work, you will need to make a company letter head mentioning your business name with your address (both office & home are accepted).

You can simply google this queries and get hundreds of formats and visit some designer to do it for you.

Possibly bank may demand your visiting card, the reply would be, but not a big deal to answer it.

You can also open your bank account as student. For this you need to be a student of some College and university and would need to provide your student identification card along with CNIC. This account will be valid for the time of your education only.

Once your documentation is completed, you can simply go to any bank and provide them your details and request them account opening. You will provided an account opening form (usually staff will fill for you). Fill it up and submit it to bank with some initial deposit, maybe 1000 rupess or more.

If you are choosing to open account as business / service provider. You will need to write a request to bank on you letter pad for opening account. The format of application can be like this. Bank may require stamp but it’s not mandatory for personal account.

Branch Manager,

Branch Name (Town, Bazar etc)

Bank Name (the bank name)

Subject: Account opening request

Dear Sir,

We are providing online services to our clients from “one month” (time you are working) and providing services like “Website designing development, Domain, Hosting, SEO, Content writing etc” (or services you provide).

Most of our clients are from different cities and we need them to pay our services charges in our bank account. It is requested to kindly allow to open a bank account in your branch.


Your Name


Your Service Providing Name

Note: In this way, your account will be opened with person’s name and not your service providing business name. If you want to open an account with your service providing name, like ABC Services, you will need to register yourself for NTN (National Tax Number) and enjoy,

Furthermore, If you are opening through this way. Bank may demand your client’s name, to whom you are providing or have provided your services in present and past respectively.

Disclaimer: This is general account opening process for freelancers and we shared it only to help them. We strongly discourage using the above way if you are not a freelancer.

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