Bye Election or Zimni Election Pakistan 2018

In Pakistan general election elected after 5 year. If we discussed about last general elections in Pakistan. It was seen that always PPPP or PMLN won the election. These two parties are very famous in their power. But know time to be changed. If we saw last 15 years politics, one more party was in power that was Thereek – E – Insaf.

This party’s Leader is Imran khan. This party worked hard and in 2018 Imran khan became Prime minister of Pakistan after going through Democratic Election System of Pakistan. This is very big change for Pakistan. Basically in General or national election people of Pakistan selected their Prime minister. In 2018 Pakistan’s selected Imran Khan as a prime Minster.

Peoples want to see change in country. It is thought that Imran khan is the first public selected Prime Minster. He is most famous Prime Minster in youth.

Parliamentary Elections

After winning general election, Nominated Prime minister Submitted their form to Parliament speaker.  Through voting of members Prime Minster is selected.

Selected Chief Minster

Same as Prime Minster Chief Minster is also sleeted through Parliament but his name is selected by Prime Minster. Usman Buzdar has been selected as Cheif Miniter of Punjab Pakistan

Bye – Election/ Zimni election

According to the rules every member can fight election against 5 seats. After winning national Assembly seat, He has to select on seat and left his 4 seats. On these vacant seats bye elections are performed. After these bye election vacant seats in national assembly are completed. In Pakistan bye- election 2018 occurred at 14 October. Every party choose their member and give him ticket to fight against vacant seat. People cast their vote very honestly. Result declared after 10 PM.

Why Bye Election are Important?

Bye election is very important. National Assembly’s vacant seats are completed after this zimni election. People choose their favorite member from any party and voted him. Winning person is selected as a member of national Assembly.

After completed election Prime Minster is authorized to choose member from their Party for different designation.

What to be Next?

Nobody knows what will be next. Who will be win? Chances of Tehrek- e- Insaf are more than other parties because Prime minister are very ambitious about change but opposition try to pull back new government. New government has clear vision about future of Pakistan. Let’s see what will be happen at 14 October 2018.

National & Provincial Seats for Zimni Election 2018

Total 30 seats in National Assembly & Provincial Assembly are vacant. 11 National & 19 Provincial assembly Zimni Election are conducted on October 14, 2018 to fill vacant seats

Most Important Seats

NA-130 is one of the most important seat where Mr. Imran Khan (Prime Minister of Pakistan) won election from Mr. Saad Rafique. Imran Khan is first candidate in history of Pakistan who won 5 seats at once. After winning he left 4 seats and NA130 is one of them

NA124 is another seat where PMLn is consectively winning from decades. Mr. Hamza Shahbaz Son of Ex Cheif Minister Mr. Shahbaz Shareef won the election. Now Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi is fighting for the seat. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi became Prime Minister of Pakistan after disqualification of Mr. Nawaz Shareef

Zimni Election 2018 Results

  • NA-35
  • NA-53
  • NA-60
  • NA-63
  • NA-65
  • NA-69
  • NA-103
  • NA-124
  • NA-131
  • NA-243

Most Important Work after Oath of Mr. Imran Khan as Prime Minister of Pakistan

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