B2B Benefits of SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing has been very famous because it delivers your message in cents, You can easily advertise your product to numberless people who you even don’t know and can’t reach too.

Most of the businesses practice it. SMS marketing has many advantages to it. More than 97.5 % of messages are opened with 05-10 seconds of receiving.

B2B SMS Marketing – The Necessity

Businesses are not practicing it as much as they should yet it is necessary for every business. We receive many Marketing SMS on daily basis promoting their services & products like insurance, internet, school, mobile phones, shoe, computer, laptops and others.

Being in B2B or B2C– do you receive SMS promoting product you need in your business or household general stuff? These products are consumer products in general; they are not specified to businesses only.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

Why Business don’t use SMS Marketing as Advertising tool??

Most probably either they are not familiar with potential customers or don’t have their contact details. Firstly you have to collect contact details of prospects to market then you have to advertise your product and wait to see the Advantages of Advertising. B2B sms marketing will boost your sale & company would be familiar in your customers.

How to Target Customers in B2B SMS Marketing?

Targeting B2B customers was a tough job in past but today it has been very easy with its limitation. Your product is used in industries lets assume machinery oil.

Most practised Selling Approach is having an office or shop in a related market and wait for customers or going to them with samples.

How about pre-introduction?

Do you want to Introduce your product through SMS to all those customers you can’t easily approach like in other cities or industrial zones far from your office?

Try approaching them via SMS.

Hopefully, they will call you. It would be a good decision – if you take it.

To target industries, you can simply purchase trade directories like Chamber, Yellow pages & Associations or download listings and copy business information from online available listings

Beneficial Tip: Submit your business details at our specified Business Directory.

Once you have gathered the data you can collect mobile numbers from each page/ Webpage. Start Sorting

The Right Target in B2B SMS

Benefits of SMS Marketing

You must target before sending messages. You have collected B2B customer, you used your own number for B2B SMS Marketing.

Still, you don’t see an increase in your sales or number of the customer?

Well, if your product is good, your price is reasonable, your services are competing & you hired Good salesman too.

Still useless, Awwhh what do I do now?

Step one what is your product & where it is used in industries?

Who is My Target in B2B SMS Marketing

You are selling coal, mechanical parts or rubbers.

Try finding answers of these questions.

  • Question 1: Who is there to target?
  • Question 2: Who can approve or disapprove your product?
  • Question 3: Who is going to use it? All these are to be targeted.
Benefits of SMS Marketing

Lets say your short message service campaign ran smoothly & you sent 10K sms to industrialists or business CEOs & Directors, only these maybe their in listings.

Still no results?

Think Why?

Most of the big businessmen even don’t know minor products used in their factories.

They only know major ones like the generator, raw material, main machinery parts infect they always focus on their Selling.

You need to target the right potentials to make your effort fruitful. It is you who can observe it better.

You have better answer, what who is going to influence your sales. In general assumption I may help you with example of bearing or bush.

  • Answer of 1st question is Purchase Manager & Purchase officer.
  • Answer of 2nd question is Purchase manager, Production Manager & Maintenance Manager, Mechanical in charge.
  • Answer of 3rd question is It is Machine so it’s operator, manager of this department *mostly production or Maintenance or Mechanical Manager.

Which Number to use for SMS Marketing? – Your own

For this campaign in B2B SMS sending. You must select your own business phone number or someone’s number who can talk on your behalf with full product information.

SMS marketing campaign will benefit you in several ways. If you received a marketing message, do you save all numbers? Definitely you don’t, it is hectic to pick or copy a number from sms as compared to saving message sender number.

Why I send messages from my number?

Reason One

Whenever we receive a text message. We make our first glance number or sender.

Reason Two

If we are interested in product, most of us call right after receiving sms. It shall be convenient to call.

Reason Three

Customer will assume you small or seasonal business. If you keep sending messages from different numbers or even from another number you don’t keep with yourself.

It will give a bad impression on your customer if you phone is not answered or found switched off.

Reason Four

In modern era we have smart phones most of us don’t delete messages, they stay in our inbox and backed up too. Whenever we open sms inbox, messages are being displayed with names we have saved, our message will be number. It will give your prospect a reminder of saving your details.

When I should send messages?

Benefits of SMS Marketing

If you Observe both pictures. Both are educational institutions, the first one is sending message with reasonable gap between messages but the second one sending with nearly no gap.

Actually it is because they offered special classes but it is hectic.

So, understand your business psychology by targetting in effective way.

First. If they are getting disturbed they shall surely avoid you instead of working with you.

You must take a lot of care while deciding when to message.

See my reply to frequently message sending institution.

Time to send Messages

Usually, in the morning everyone is busy in setting their work and at evening they are ready to rush home. The rest of time goes in working.

So when to send message? The best answer is you can send them messages 11:30 to 3:00 and still the best is right after lunch time.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

Greeting SMS

You can send the message to your prospects on occasions like Christmas, Christmas, National Days & others.

The Right One

Business Finance Articles wishes your a very happy Christmas

The Wrong One

We share knowledge, Happy Christmas

Right Message

May all your wishes come true, Christmas is a day of blessings – may they cover you. Regards

Wrong Message

The house of industrial belts wishes you a happy Christmas

Top Benefits of SMS Marketing

Instant Delivery

Your message delivers within seconds. Reports suggested that message delivers in 07 seconds.

Saves Paper

Company bears extra costing for papers, printing & delivery through courier too.

Open Rate

As told above, most of the messages are opened within seconds of receiving.

Focused Message

Your message is focused to the campaign, Only right information is sent to buyer.

Time Saving

It saves your time and buyer time too. Company & Customer both do not need to visit each other for information.

Forwarding Option

Even if your message is not delivered to right person. Receiver can forward it to related person.

Message Storage

Short messages can be stored for long time to re-read on need.

Worldwide | Nationwide Delivery

Your buyer can be reached wherever they are in country or world.

Less Costly

As compared to Tele-Marketing or Faxing your client. Your message is cheaper.

Wrapping Up

Conclusively you should go with sms marketing. It is far better than other sources of marketing. There are lots of companies who can perform this task for you.

You can also use your name as sender i.e., called Cooperate messaging and Branded Messages.

Take a better and timely decision to rock in business.

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