Aqua Credit Card Reviews

Are you facing poor credit history? Have you been refused by money lenders? Do you want to build up your credit score? Here is Aqua Credit Card to resolve your financial problems and help you get back on track.

Aqua is known as a manageable credit building card in lending market. The people with low income, struggling self employed and even students can benefit from it. It offers a representative 35.9% APR (variable).

Aqua claims to help improving your credit rating by following its guidelines to manage it. Aqua credit card has a range of products to suit your individual needs.

Aqua Credit Card UK Customer Service

Aqua has an excellent customer service. It is based on;

An online account and a step by step guide, an app to access your account anywhere anytime on your smart phone.

A friendly UK based 24\7 helpline to resolve any issue or problem (lost or stolen report, missing repayments, direct debit set up, change of circumstances, increase or decrease of credit limit.

Free text alerts about your balance and upcoming repayments which help you avoid missing on anything that may cause you to pay charges and damage your credit report as well.

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4 Difference Aqua Credit Cards

Aqua Start Card

This card typically suits to those, who are having difficulty in borrowing money. Such people might have instability of job or business, aqua lends sensibly keeping in view their circumstances. Aqua start card offers 49.9% representative APR (variable) and 49.9% p.a. It gives a credit limit between £100 and £300.

Aqua Classic Card

Its purchase rate is 35.9% APR variable and 35.95% variable p.a. There is no annual fee and no extra charges for what you spend abroad. Classic card provides an initial credit limit between £250 and £1200. Moreover, your interest rate is reduced over three years’ time, if you avoid missing repayments and spend with in your credit limit.

Aqua Reward Card

Reward card offers exciting feature of 0.5% cash back (up to £100) p.a. It is applicable only when you purchase while staying with in your credit limit and paying back on time.

Aqua Advance Card

This credit card exclusively offers decrease in interest rate up to 0.5% each year, if a creditor takes up precautionary measures with on time repayments and avoid spending over limit. So, an interest rate which starts from 34.9% comes down to 19.9% APR. No interest is being charged on full balance payment.

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Many people have complained and do not recommend Aqua because of its increased interest rates as compared to other contemporary credit cards offering better deals with low interest rate.

Santander VS Aqua

Santander is offering people with 0% on balance transfer for 30 months, 0.5% cash back on all purchases with only £3 monthly fee,21.7% representative APR and 15.9% p.a.

Marble VS Aqua

Marble credit card implies no annual fee, no interest on purchase if balance is paid in full on due date. Marble master card is acceptable anywhere in the world for cash withdrawal. It offers 34.9% APR.

Lloyds VS Aqua

Lloyds offers 0% for 32 months on balance transfer then 19.94% with 1.4 % fee. Another Lloyds product offers 0% for 12 months on purchases then 19.94% with no fee.


As I am a client of Aqua, I personally recommend it as one can surely build up a secure financial future despite its high interest rate. All you need to be is vigilant while spending and paying on time.

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